How might we create an OOBE (Out-Of-Box-Experience) for a monthly subscription box that would lead to a memorable and evocative connection between the recipient and our brand? 
Piclet is a monthly subscription box for an expecting mother. Each box will contain a different cute and delightful baby-sized animal costume, providing opportunities for taking special and memorable photos. The box also includes a card with instructions for laundering the costume.
Branding, Print Design, Illustration, Packaging.
Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
This project was done solo.
Piclet is an ecommerce business with no touchpoints where the customer can interact with the brand at a store or other physical location. Since the only connection between the brand and the customer happens when the subscription box is received and opened, the experience of opening the box is crucial to creating brand recognition and attachment.
I developed a moment map that broke down the unboxing steps and uncovered the opportunities to engage with the customer at each stage. I created assets such as a sticker, tissue paper in a branded color, illustrations that would be associated with baby animals and a caring message on the card with laundering instructions.
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