Cascadia College Annual Report
How might we refresh the visual design of an Annual Report published each year by a large organization for its stakeholders, while keeping it aligned with the existing brand? How might we layout and design the content to optimize clarity and readability for a wide audience comprising many different community stakeholders?
Cascadia College publishes an Annual Report to the Community, that details its work over the past year, includes information on student demographics and financial statements, and narrates stories recognizing students and faculty for their accomplishments.  
10 weeks
My Roles
Layout, art direction, illustration, iconography, typography, color correction.
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
Scott Brown (Lead Graphic Designer); Mark Collins (Director of the Cascadia College Foundation); Bong Mangaser (Graphic Arts Coordinator); Morgen Schuler (Web Designer) Sara Gomez Taylor (Manager of Outreach and Marketing).

Cascadia College is a well-known pillar of the community; there are many who would love to support its scholarship programs and fundraising efforts. How might we create a report that lets existing donors know how their contributions have been put to good use? How might we raise more support for the programs that increase resources and opportunities for students? How might we showcase the college's value and explain its future direction to attract new members to the Board of Directors?
Working collaboratively, our team created an inspiring and rich mix of stories about students, faculty, and programs that highlighted the value that Cascadia had provided during the last year. We also used bold and vibrant infographics that translated the complex data on student demographics and financial status into clear and clean visuals that could be understood at a glance.  

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