Naga Exfoliating Peel
How might we brand an expensive cosmetic product with trending but unfamiliar ingredients to female customers in the highly saturated skincare industry? 
“Naga” meaning “Snake” in Sanskrit is an exfoliating peel that promises to help you “shed your skin” like a snake. Its key ingredient, turmeric, has been used in India for centuries, notably in rituals involving snake worship and in wedding ceremonies to help beautify the bride’s skin. Recent research at UCLA reveals the successful use of turmeric on women with breast cancer to help lighten their surgical scars, supporting this traditional belief in the cosmetic benefits of turmeric.
Branding, Illustration, Packaging, Web design.
Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, CSS, HTML.
This project was done solo.
The skincare market is highly saturated. Most women are tired and skeptical, having tried many skincare products since their  adolescent breakouts. They are also afraid of damaging their skin and their health by putting possibly toxic chemicals on their skin, or trying something natural that is unknown and untested. 

The campaign for Naga draws upon both scientific research and traditional lore. It alleviates women’s fears of chemicals infiltrating their skin by using turmeric, a natural and organic ingredient. It also reinforces the safety of turmeric by citing its use in India for centuries, and recent evidence of its ability to lighten surgical scars, thus bringing science to reassure skeptical female consumers. The visual design is minimal and clean, suggesting turmeric’s healing and medicinal qualities, while the illustrations and typographic style have sinuous curves alluding to the legends about magically regenerating snakes.   

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